Rooh International is a Leather goods production unit established on the base of quality and customer service. Aping business models from the West, with an accuarte assessment of the local1 user behaviour, we excel in providing quality products to the end-users, to stand firm in the international market. Our centrally located office is well equiped with the state of technology with a well trained and experienced staff. The businss acumen, technical and quality forsight has played an important role in providing for superior quality of products. Your comments and feedback are valuable to us. If you have any question please feel free to get in touch with us along with information of the product . We welcome new developments from customers. Thanks for visiting our site. Copying of photographs of products, designs, names from this site is strictly prohibited as most of the names, designs, product photographs are patended/registered nationally and internationally.

Rooh International
Company Name : Rooh International
Contact Person : Mr.Mohammed Fahad
Address : 103 / 2C, Benajhabar Road, Bakarmandi, Kanpur – 208001 INDIA
Mobile No. : +91 – 9984253563
Teliphone No. : +91 – 512 – 2541108
Fax : +91 – 512 – 2340437
Email No. : OR