Bus Ticketing

Despite being used by millions of people, the bus travel industry in India is highly fragmented as well as unorganized and it took a while to witness some innovations in the bus ticketing industry in India.

According to Indian eRetail Report 2012, Travel & Leisure constitutes to 76% share of the total E-Commerce market in India. This is evident from the changing landscape, that the travel industry has witnessed over the past decade.

With the introduction of Online Bus Ticketing, travelling by bus has become more comfortable. The comfort which was started by an idea to revolutionize the offline bus ticketing into an Online medium, to provide users with the comfort to book tickets being at home/office. The current market size of online bus ticketing is over Rs. 500-600 crore which is just 3-4% of the Rs. 15000 crore market. mTicketing is a new feature to provide users with a more comfortable level and experience of booking bus tickets using their mobile phones.