Domestic Money Transfer Service - 24/7 IMPS & NEFT

Money transfer is the process of sending money to your near & dear ones. Many people do not prefer going to bank & transfer money due to Non convenient location of bank branches or bank branches can be accessed during banking hours only. To overcome these obstacles, Blyss Fintech is offering Domestic Money Remittance Service to the customers through which an agent can transfer money instantly across India at lowest charges for his customers and earn commissions. We are providing Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) services in partnership with banking institutions. Our Money Transfer system is outcome of detailed study and continuous up gradation for many years. Our Money Transfer platform is one of the very few in India which supports multiple wallet system for each customer with separate banks giving a total non-KYC customer transaction limit of Rs 50,000/- per month.

Advantages for Customers

Customers no longer have to wait in long queues to transfer funds during limited banking hours

Customers without a bank account can also transfer money

Customers can also transfer money without visiting bank

High success rate of 99% with low transaction charges

100% secure transactions with multiple levels of authentication

Service available on all days including on National and Bank Holidays

RBI approved payment system

Safe money transfer guaranteed

Advantages for Retailers

Lowest Transaction Rates.

Non-KYC Customer transaction Limit: Rs 50,000/- per month

Instant settlement from wallet after successful transaction

Automatic refunds in case of failures (OTP based for enhanced security)

Feature of account verification for most of the banks

No need to do multiple transactions of Rs 5000 for higher amounts

Support for both IMPS and NEFT transactions

High success ratio with well organized transaction master

Support for bill payments of credit cards using NEFT

Switching mode for both IMPS & NEFT along with IFSC Code finding tool

Quick Add Sender & Receiver via web application or mobile application