Mobile POS Solutions / mPOS Devices

The challenge that most retailers face today is to efficiently service a highly demanding and informed set of customers. Customers today are generally less inclined to wait at checkout counters, resulting in loss of sales. However, the traditional way installing more point of sale (POS) terminals at checkout counters is highly expensive in terms of both hardware as well as space requirements, especially given that customer footfalls in the store are highly variable.

Solution Snapshot

Mobile POS (mPOS) Solution/mPOS Device is a unique mobility solution that extends capabilities of POS terminals to anywhere in the store, along with providing information to store assistants on their fingertips. It enables retailers to open a new channel of service for their customers. The solution diminishes long queues, while providing extended product information to aid selling and enhancing the shopping experience. Mobile POS solution enables a sales assistant to carry out end-to-end shopping transactions in a retail store using a handheld device. This solution can be used by retailers as a key differentiator in their multichannel retailing strategy.

Technical Highlights

Multi-device platform support

Minimal investment on initial infrastructure

Leveraging business logic / rules available from existing POS system

No separate database required

Ready-to-integrate adapters available for leading POS platforms

Merchant Benefits

Increased sale per employee by reducing the checkout time

Reduction in store space requirements

Increased sales through effective cross-selling of relevant products

Reduction in lost sales caused by unavailability of relevant information at the store shelf

Improved asset utilization

Solution Snapshot

The retail industry, in their aim to provide the best customer experience would like to improve on what they believe the customer would remember after their shopping endeavor- their billing and checkout experience.

It is imperative to deliver positive experience to the user so that he will return next week and do more shopping. To become successful in this, retailers need to leverage technology tools and deliver value-based integrated approach to make it more targeted and personalized.

Now observe how mPOS has become a game changer for retailers across the world providing shoppers with a complete, seamless and hassle-free shopping experience:

1. A Store that is Open all the Time
The customer now has infinite choices before him/her because the person can shop anytime, and from anywhere. Though POS, retailers can process the payments anytime and anywhere and what do they get in return? A happy customer, because he/she no longer have to face hassles at the checkout.

2. Personalized Shopping Experience
With Mobile Point of Sale, you can deliver a more personalized shopping experience. You can engage your customers by understanding their buying behavior, patterns, likes and interests through customer engagement platforms like social media.

3. You don't Lose a Customer Anymore
Those who have shopped at malls and big supermarkets like the Big Bazaar and Lulu Hypermarket would be very familiar with the long queues they have to negotiate on weekend evenings. Many customers actually abandon their baskets and leave, because they would rather go home (without purchasing), when faced with the option of standing in a long queue at the checkout counter. This is not a singular case, because, when retail stores have a huge reflux, many people tend to leave, rather than wait out at the limited counters. When mPOS is deployed, this issue is solved because retail stores can deal with thousands of customers even when there is a deluge.

4. mPOS helps You Sell Products Effortlessly
You can now sell your products and accept payments without any effort even during rush hours. Depending on your POS service provider, you will be able to use features like updating your inventory, taking orders from customers, applying discounts and taxes, accepting any form of payment and so on. Most of them have specific features geared towards a particular industry. For example, the "split the bill option on the go", makes it convenient for people who want to share their bill and suits the restaurant industry.

5. Make use of Multi-Channel Experience
Retailers have to make the best use of the cross-channel shopping behavior of their customers by keeping tabs on all the potential sales channels. As a retailer, you will, however, have to make use of all the channels because ignoring one would lead to further confusions that might even alienate the customer.

6. Quicker Transition Times
Retailers were always trying to find ways to reduce transaction times in order to make it easier for the customer. It has been proved that through contactless credit card transactions and mobile POS systems, you can cut transaction times by not just half, but make it five times faster, too. If the checkout time is faster, do you think the customer would buy more items? Perhaps, yes, that is also possible.

7. The customer can Search for Products by doing an Inventory
Another benefit of mPOS is that if a customer wants to buy a product, he can take inventory of the same and locate the store that has it. He no longer have to endure location hunting to find something. And if he is in a real hurry to get the product, he can order it online and collect it directly from the store rather than wait for it.

8. Lets you Deliver to Your Customers even when the Internet is Down
Customers are very sensitive; they are not going to forgive you if your server is down. You can choose a POS that offers a cache service to save your customer's buying choices, so the next time he wants something and the net is down, he can just pull it from the cache. It is possible to process credit card transactions offline, and some vendors actually offer the facility, so make the best of it and deliver a unique experience to your customers.

9. Secured Card Readers for Safe Payments
Customers can make their payments safely by using secured card readers. Retailers usually advertise this when they promote their services because with merchant mobility solutions, customers usually expect their payments through safe gateways. Once the payment is made, you can provide a digital receipt through email or SMS services.