Prepaid Cards

If you want to make advance payments or maintain balance between expenditures and income while ensuring feasible budgeting then prepaid cards from BLYSS Fintech Group are the best deal. Co-branded prepaid card is extremely convenient to use and offers a completely hassle-free way of making purchases and payments. It is suitable for both small and large business owners and even enterprises can benefit from it.

It is a widely accepted fact that the method you use for managing financial transactions is vital for running the day-to-day affairs of the firm and therefore, you need to be practical in this regard. The mode of payment and purchase is usually dictated by the financial requirements of your business. There are a number of options including prepaid cards and credit cards etc.

Prepaid cards are quite similar to credit cards if we compare their functionality and benefits but essentially they both are very different. Credit cards although allow you to make payments and purchases without needing to pay anything from your account but the money spent through credit cards is like a debt that is to be re-paid with interest.

Conversely, prepaid cards require depositing of a certain amount of money beforehand after which you can make transactions. Before starting to use your debit card program, you need to fix spending limit. The amount you spend will be deducted from the deposited money and when all of it is spent then you need to deposit more before making new payments/purchases. It is not possible to make purchases without depositing more money into your account and one cannot cross the spending limit at any occasion.

In comparison to credit cards, prepaid cards are totally risk-free and you can easily conduct financial transactions without worrying about the credit liabilities that the card issuing authority puts on you.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

You can easily manage your budget and cannot spend more than the limit, which is a blessing if you happen to be an impulsive buyer. It is very beneficial for those who make purchases without thinking much and regret their decisions later.

Moreover, with prepaid card you wonít find yourself in a debt ever because the money you are spending is all yours and not of the card issuing authority. Prepaid cards are easy and safe to carry along wherever you go domestically or abroad. In case the card is lost or stolen, you donít have to worry about prepaid card fraud because these cards are protected with a secret PIN code that is only known to the cardholder and the card issuing authority.

BLYSS Fintech Groupís cobranded prepaid cards are linked with Visa or MasterCard and thus, offer an additional edge over other cards since these are accepted universally. Furthermore, only MasterCard and Visa linked prepaid card holders can claim for any losses from the card issuing authority, which this facility isnít available to other prepaid cards.

Having a prepaid card is a safe and secure option than carrying cash because of the problem of theft or losing the cash. You can make payments through your cards whether you need to shop or enjoy lunch/dinner at a restaurant. Thatís not all; you can use your prepaid card program for paying utility bills and also to buy stuff online. Your prepaid card will help you at all times and also will never let you exceed your budget while spending.