Prepaid Mobile Recharge

It was few years back when Indian homes had a limited set of phones. It was a revolution when in July 1995 the first Mobile telephonic conversation happened between West Bengal's the then Chief Minister Shri Jyoti Basu and the then Union Telecom Minister Shri Sukh Ram. This was a revolution in India and today each household with a family member of 4 has minimum 3 handsets. The handsets are either low end to high end smart phones like iPhone or Android OS. Roughly a mobile phone is being sold every second. Such an explosion in the number of users has been fuelled by a factor of PPT: price, policy and technology.

Blyss Fintech has developed unique recharge platform which aggregates various prepaid mobile operators and provides these services to our Retail Partners. The retail payments industry is witnessing significant technological advancements across the world. Retail industry has seen introduction of upgraded recharge and billing technologies, due to developments across the telecom industry. Not only urban but rural India has also seen in growth of Mobile phone users. The total mobile phone users in India have grown to 930 million which is around 73% of the total population.

Due to the vast customer base and daily activation of mobile operators, it has resulted in a huge market for recharge industry a state-of-the-art business model which enables hundreds and thousands of retailers to earn and enjoy the business that too just clicking the mouse button.

Some features of our Recharge System are

Instant Commission credit after successful transaction

Automatic refunds in case of failures

Automatic Reconciliation for pending recharge

Support for both LAPU and WEB based recharges

Support most of the operators denominations/plans

Tariff Plan finder for most of the operator's & Circle

Lightning fast speed of 3 to 8 second per recharge!